Solving failed tester software download

Sometimes a tester software download may fail due to a power outage, cable connection problem, or driver issue. The first step to try is to try to initiate an automatic download by insuring the tester USB cable is connected, the correct COM port is selected in WinTI5000JX, and the tester is turned on. Then close and reopen WinTI5000JX. The automatic download should commence. If it does not, then you may need to try a manual download as outlined in this post: Continue interrupted tester software download.

If the manual download fails, then there may be some type of problem between the driver and the operating system. The failure message may say “Download Failed: Did not receive sign-on message from tester” as shown below:

In this situation, it is best to disconnect all testers from your computer. Restart your computer. Plug in only the one tester to which you are trying to download software. Then restart WinTI5000JX and retry the above options.