Product Announcements

System Setup to check serial number, SW version, and SW options

For tech support or when ordering new options it’s often necessary to tell us the serial number of your TI-5000EX tester. You may also need to confirm which software options you’re already licensed for. This is easy to accomplish by going into the System Setup Menu in WinTI5000EX. You can also tell which version and date your software is. If the versions do not match you should download and install the latest. See the screenshot below which highlights a version mismatch:


ELAU Memory Test and Programming Software

In case you hadn’t heard, memory test and program software is available for TI-5000EX. Contact us with your motor part number information and we can tell you if your motor is supported.
Click here to access a brochure describing the benefits of using the TI-5000EX memory capabilities in our documents section.