JX New Features

SICK Hiperface DSL

SICK Hiperface DSL encoders are now a popular feedback type used on new motor models from Allen Bradley VP, Kollmorgen AKM, Beckhoff AM8, Parker SME, and others. The new TI-5106 hardware adapter module is designed to support all Hiperface DSL encoders including the common EKS/EKM36 and EFS/EFM50 models with 18, 21, and 23-bit count resolutions. This module, along with the proper test cable and software selection for your motor type, supports the 2-wire Hiperface DSL protocol including the ability to perform a Count Test, display electrical angles, set alignment electronically, receive error codes, read and write memory data from supported manufacturers, and run-test motors using the TI-3000JX. Hiperface DSL is considered a premier feature on the JX system. If you are interested please contact sales@mitchell-electronics.com.


FANUC High Speed

The Fanuc “Alpha i” serial protocol includes a High Speed mode, but is also reverse compatible with the legacy “Alpha” protocol that we have supported for a number of years. However, some new Fanuc encoders have feedback connections that use only 2 wires for the serial transmission, and these are only compatible with the High Speed protocol. We now have full support of the High Speed protocol for both TI-5000JX and TI-3000JX systems! Some of the previously unsupported High Speed only encoders include the Alpha Ai4000, Beta Ai1000, Alpha Ai32000, and Beta i encoders found on Beta iSR robot motors. Make sure you have the new TI-5750 Fanuc High Speed test cable to go along with your new software.


New Encoder Memory Support

The TI-5000JX includes two new Memory Tests. The SEW Memory Test and Programming supports all SEW motors using SICK Stegmann Hiperface serial encoders.

The Panasonic Memory Test supports Panasonic motors with MFE serial encoders. This test is also compatible with the identical Omron R88M-G and R88M-K series motors as well.

Rexroth MSK motors have become easier to align with the new commutation offset feature, allowing you to simply program a new encoder alignment into the encoder memory.


1Vp-p Line Levels Test for SICK Stegmann Hiperface, Heidenhain EnDat, and BiSS Serial Encoders

SICK Stegmann Hiperface, Heidenhain EnDat, and BiSS serial encoders have 1Vp-p sine wave incremental outputs in addition to their serial signals. This new test quickly reports if those signals are at the correct amplitude. This is especially helpful for two-piece inductive serial encoders because the mounting position of the encoder body relative to the encoder wheel determines these amplitudes. If the encoder is not set correctly, the amplitudes will be incorrect, and the drive will alarm. This test requires the TI-5101 module for Heidenhain and BiSS encoders, and the TI-5104 module for SICK Stegmann encoders.


Resolver Excitation Phase Adjust

Every resolver requires a unique excitation frequency and voltage, and selecting the wrong settings can produce poor readings. This new JX feature helps you choose the best excitation frequency for your specific resolver by providing a plus or minus offset so that you can adjust your frequency up or down until the offset is in the green range, or close to zero degrees. This new feature is supported on both the TI-5000JX and TI-3000JX testers.


New Feedback Selections

The JX platform includes new serial encoder selections such as MFE0020, MFE2500, and several new Heidenhain EnDat encoders. The TI-3000JX also has the new ability to run from Heidenhain serial stream only, which supports running many previously unsupported motors. Additional feedback and run-test features are offered constantly through automatic updates.


Automatic Software Updates

JX users are alerted of software updates automatically through an internet connection. The automatic update system simplifies the TI-5000JX and TI-3000JX update process and requires minimal user input, insuring you have access to the latest features at all times.


Instant Software Access

The MEI software credit platform empowers your servo motor repairs with instant access to software. Purchase credits in advance and use them to “checkout” the software per the Software License. Immediate access to all software options reduces your turnaround time and increases flexibility by providing service to hundreds of motor and encoder models. The credit platform averages out spending over time, reducing large and long-term purchasing commitments, while also minimizing cost by charging only by usage. It also streamlines your process by eliminating purchasing emergencies.



Software Error 22: Incompatible Versions

The desktop and tester software must be compatible. If a software update is missed or rejected then an incompatibility may develop as is indicated by this error message:


This can be easily solved by insuring the tester is turned on, connected to the correct COM port, and then closing and reopening WinTI5000JX. You should be then presented with an opportunity to update as shown below:


If this does not solve the problem, go to System Setup to verify the COM port again. Then try a manual software download as outlined in Continue interrupted tester software download.

Solving failed tester software download

Sometimes a tester software download may fail due to a power outage, cable connection problem, or driver issue. The first step to try is to try to initiate an automatic download by insuring the tester USB cable is connected, the correct COM port is selected in WinTI5000JX, and the tester is turned on. Then close and reopen WinTI5000JX. The automatic download should commence. If it does not, then you may need to try a manual download as outlined in this post: Continue interrupted tester software download.

If the manual download fails, then there may be some type of problem between the driver and the operating system. The failure message may say “Download Failed: Did not receive sign-on message from tester” as shown below:

In this situation, it is best to disconnect all testers from your computer. Restart your computer. Plug in only the one tester to which you are trying to download software. Then restart WinTI5000JX and retry the above options.

Continue interrupted tester software download

When you start WinTI5000JX on your computer it checks for the latest software download and can initiate this process automatically. Occasionally the tester software download process may get interrupted in the middle of operation which can cause the TI-5000JX or TI-3000JX product to temporarily not work properly. (In some versions of software the tester relay may make an unusual noise but this is harmless.)

The solution is to initiate a manual download of software from the internet. This allows the download to continue and will restore the tester to working status running the latest software. Simply follow these directions and then click on the button corresponding to the tester you need to update: