MODEL TI-5000EX – Feedback Test and Alignment Platform

TI-5000EX System

TI-5000EX is a flexible and expandable platform for testing and aligning feedback devices used on servomotors. The WinTI5000EX diagnostic software runs on your laptop and communicates with the TI-5000EX via USB. The TI-5000EX should be the first tool in your servomotor repair toolbox.

Feedback Testing Benefits

  • Common interface for testing various Incremental Encoders, Serial Encoders, and Resolvers.
  • View encoder counts, count rate, phase, line states, electrical angle, mechanical angle, and encoder alarm information on the same screen.
  • View resolver sine, cosine, vector levels, and calculated angle.
  • Track quality and process by loggin results to disk and printing reports for customers.

Feedback Alignment Benefits

  • Reduce errors and time using static alignment techniques.
  • Generate encoder memory reports and view data in human readable format (lockup angles shown in degrees, max current in amps, stall torque in Nm, max velocity in RPM, etc.) See example in this Memory Brochure.
  • Reprogram new encoders with specific memory configurations to replace non functioning encoders.
  • Save time and avoid damaging tapered encoder shafts by using electronic alignment techniques.


Video Overview

Testing the EncoderHow to Align an Encoder