The Quick Reference Guide to Servo Motor Maintenance and Repair

When servo motors are taken offline for unscheduled repairs, manufacturers face unnecessary factory downtime. And that translates into lost revenue, unsatisfied customers, and frustrated employees.


This guide offers insights, best practices, and practical tips to quickly assess the condition of the servo motor and help you to determine the best course for repair.


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The Quick Reference Guide to Servo Motor Maintenance and Repair

The Manufacturer's Go-To Servo Resource

Intermittent interruption of servo motors is one of the biggest headaches that manufacturers face.

Every minute that a servo motor is off-line or operating at less than full capacity takes a toll on production, quality, and ultimately the bottom line.

We created this guide to help manufacturers take ownership of their servo motor maintenance and repair. Whether that's better understanding what causes failure or outlining how to make more repairs in-house, this guide will help you solve technical problems and serve as a great training resource for your team.

As we like to say around here, "Keep it running!"

What You'll Get From the Guide:

image of a disassembled servomotor

Diagnose Servo Motor Issues and Error Codes

What are the most common issues that cause servo motors to go offline? Get deeper insights to stay on top of these recurring issues and servo error codes.

Identify the Tools You'll Need to Make Repairs

Learn more about which repairs you can make in-house (including wiring, bearing replacement, and brake issues) and get a list of tools you should have on site so that your team can take greater ownership of repairing and maintaining servos right in your shop.

flying lead moog servo motor
servo motor repair

Learn How to Find the Right Repair Shop for You

Every servo repair shop is different, so how do you find the right one to meet your unique needs? This guide touches on what to look for in a repair shop so can you can enjoy full confidence when you send servos out for repair or maintenance.

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