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Windows Graphical User Interface PC Software


athena software encoder tester


The Athena Windows PC software application is licensed with most product purchases. The Athena software provides a graphical user interface to the TI-5000JX Servo Motor Feedback Test System or the TI-3000JX Servo Motor Run Test System. The Athena software displays encoder counts and commutation states. It calculates and displays mechanical and electrical angles for diagnosis and simplifies adjustment during the encoder alignment process. Special diagnostic tests have been developed to confirm counting, verify encoder error codes, and check encoder voltage levels and phase angles. Additional features are provided for encoders with memory, allowing binary data to be displayed in human readable format, so that servo motor nameplate parameters such as servo motor commutation offset and encoder alignment angle can be checked. Some servo motor repair jobs require the encoder to be replaced because the encoder memory stops working properly. Athena can store the encoder memory so that the servo motor memory parameters can be reprogrammed into other servo motor feedback devices. In many cases, the encoder alignment angle can be modified electrically through the Athena software, enabling a faster and more reliable encoder alignment process of the servo motor.


Recently included encoder memory testing and programming support includes SEW servo motors and the Panasonic servo motors with MFE serial encoders. This test is also compatible with the identical Omron R88M-G and R88M-K series motors as well. Rexroth MSK and Indramat MHD, MKD, and MDD servo motors can be very quickly aligned by modifying the commutation offset data, allowing you to simply program a new encoder alignment into the encoder memory. The Bosch SF servo motor family uses Heidenhain Endat encoders whereas the Bosch SR servo motor family uses a resolver with a separate memory circuit board. Both families are supported in Athena for feedback testing as well as memory testing and programming.