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Warranty (non-MEI products)

Warranty for Products not Manufactured by MEI:

MEI makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, with regard to any product not manufactured by MEI. The following products are not manufactured by MEI and are sold by MEI as a re-seller. Before purchasing any of these products, please review the warranties published by their manufacturers. Please note that where a warranty period begins as of the date of purchase, that date of purchase may be the date of MEI’s purchase, not the date of purchase from MEI.

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PSP-2010 power supply GW Instek GW Istek
Servo Amplifier Advanced Motion Controls Advanced Motion Controls


*The content of the web page belongs to the manufacturer and not MEI. MEI has no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information in the web page. MEI believes the link to be current, but cannot guarantee that it is current. Please navigate to the manufacturer’s home page and then back to the warranty page to confirm that the warranty page is current.