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Hiperface DSL Hardware Adapter Module


TI 5106 SICK Hiperface DSL module


SICK Hiperface DSL encoders are now a popular feedback type used on new servo motor models from Allen Bradley VP, Kollmorgen AKM, Beckhoff AM8, Parker SME, and others. The TI-5106 hardware adapter module is designed to support all Hiperface DSL encoders including the common EKS/EKM36 and EFS/EFM50 models with 18, 21, and 23-bit count resolutions. This module, along with the TI-5000JX, test cables, and software selection for your motor type, supports the 2-wire Hiperface DSL protocol including the ability to perform a Count Test, display electrical angles, set alignment electronically, receive error codes, read and write memory data from supported manufacturers, and run-test motors using the TI-3000JX. Hiperface DSL is considered a premier feature on the JX system, and is compatible with certain purchase editions.