Products and Applications


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  • Reduce diagnosis effort by using a common interface for testing various Incremental Encoders, Serial Encoders, and Resolvers.
  • Simplify testing by viewing encoder counts, count rate, phase, line states, electrical angle, mechanical angle, and encoder alarm information on the same screen.
  • View resolver sine, cosine, vector levels, and calculated angle.
  • Track quality and process by logging results to disk and printing reports for customers.
  • Reduce errors and time using static alignment techniques.
  • Generate encoder memory reports and view data in human readable format (lockup angles shown in degrees, max current in amps, stall torque in Nm, max velocity in RPM, etc.)
    See an example in the Memory Brochure in our Documents section.
  • Reprogram new encoders with specific memory configurations to replace non functioning encoders.
  • Save time and avoid damaging tapered encoder shafts by using electronic alignment techniques.
  • Test run many types of motors motors using incremental encoder, serial encoder, or resolver feedback with one common platform.
  • Run motor with no load at various RPMs in both forward and reverse direction to check for bearing noise, vibration, or overheating.




Motor Repair Shop

Our products are uniquely qualified to automate your servomotor repair business with the following capability:

  • Quickly test feedback devices while quoting a job for your customer. Know in advance whether a new encoder or resolver will be necessary for accurate quoting.
  • Adjust/align feedback for proper commutation after a repair.
  • Verify that your repaired motors will run for your customer.
  • Save and print report documentation directly from desktop software to log test procedure and results for warranty repair purposes.

A reputation for quality takes years to build but can be lost in just one job. Don’t take chances by not using the proper tools before, during, and after the repair job.


Plant CNC Maintenance

Servomotors are key components in CNC machines, robots, and other types of automated equipment in your plant. Too often good servomotors are sent out for repair, and too often bad servomotors are put back into spare stock. Why? Because no testing program exists.

Typical Maintenance Process:

  •  Attempt to interpret drive or controller error codes
  •  Attempt to isolate problem to
    • motor problem
    • drive problem
    • controller problem
    • cable problem
  • Start swapping spare parts until machine starts running again.

But was the problem fixed or is there still an intermittent failure that will continue to affect your up-time? Even if parts substitution isolates the problem this method can require a lot of time as motors are removed and re-installed, and you are often left with parts in various unknown states.

Reduce your repair costs and downtime by using in-plant testing at these two critical points in your maintenance operation: