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Software Credits FAQ

1. Q: Once I start the checkout, does the time run continuously, or can I stop the tester and restart it later?
A: The Credit Platform provides 30 minutes of continuous use on either the TI-5000JX or TI-3000JX in exchange for 4 Software Credits.

2. Q: Can I use credits on both TI-5000JX and TI-3000JX testers?
A: Each tester requires credits to checkout the software but the credits are generic and can be used on either tester.

3. Q: Which software is available during a checkout?
A: You may access all software available in your version and edition of software.

4. How many credits are needed to repair a motor?
A: Determining the number of software credits you will use depends on several factors including test procedures and repair volumes. All our customers work a bit differently, but on average customers cite using 8-12 credits for a full repair.
Ex. Many customers use the TI-5000JX to test the motor on incoming inspection. They use the TI-5000JX again after the repair to align and retest the encoder. This equates to 8 credits. Some customers additionally use the TI-3000JX to run test the motor, bringing the credit usage up to 12 credits.
*If a workshop is slow they may only repair one motor with these credits, but usually customers processing volumes of repairs cite completing multiple tasks on multiple motors during one checkout period.

5. Q: Why do credits expire after one year?
Credits are valid for one year at a time because our software, support, and training contracts provide instant access to all our services when needed. Minimum annual orders are designed to keep the service value high and cost low.

6. Q: Do I have to pick my software option before checking out the software?
A: No. All of the software options are available during the checkout period. We recommend gathering necessary cables and modules, and determining which software option(s) you may need in advance to easily navigate the system once the software is checked out.

7. Q: How many credits are deducted if I only use the tester for 15 minutes?
A: Four credits are deducted each time you checkout the software on the credit platform. The 30 minute continuous time period is meant to provide an adequate time for a technician to be able to complete at least one step in the testing and repair process.

8. Q: Should I wait until I use up all of my credits before ordering more?
A: No, order them as you’re running low. The new bundle begins being used only after the previous one is used up.

9. Q: What happens to any unused credits once beyond the 12 month period?
A: All credits and related product support and training services are valid for one year after the purchase date. Please purchase credit bundles in a size that best fits your company’s need to avoid expiry.

10. Q: Can I repair my motor with one checkout?
A: Most likely, no. It will likely require more than one software checkout to complete encoder diagnosis, encoder realignment, and motor run-test. Each of our customers utilizes the Credit Platform a bit differently as they integrate their own procedures and practices. Here is an approximation:
1. Evaluate and diagnose feedback on incoming motor. (4 credits on TI-5000JX)
2. Disassemble motor and complete mechanical repairs.
3. Re-align feedback during reassembly. (4 credits on TI-5000JX)
4. Run test motor for verification before sending back to customer (4 credits on TI-3000JX)

11. Q: Is it possible to test more than one motor during a single checkout.
A: Yes, this is highly likely considering the Checkout Period is 30 minutes and you may only need the tester for a few minutes. This type of planning can reduce the average number of credits used per job.

12. Q: I like to run test some motors for longer than 30 minutes to ensure they are running properly over a period of time. Do I have to checkout software every half hour?
A: No. Once the software checkout period has elapsed, the TI-3000JX will continue to function on its current test until you stop the motor.

13. Q: What are the minimum requirements for computer and operating system?
Computer: PC Compatible
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (x86 and x64)
Communications: USB Type A port or COM (RS-232)
Display: 1024 x 768 pixels
Processor: 1GHz Single Core
Disk Space: 100MB
*internet connection required for software checkout and updates.

14. Q: Do I have to make any modifications to my corporate Internet settings to connect to the MEI Server?
A: Usually this will work without any additional effort. Most companies running supported computers and operating systems who use typical firewall settings require no additional setup at all. If you require any assistance we can work with you or your IT team. Some companies have specific firewall settings that limit internet activity but in these cases configuration is usually simple to achieve. However it is important for you to check if a corporate firewall is in place and if so to work with us and your IT department ahead of a system sale to assure that the system will be compatible on your site.

15. Q: Is there any way to continue testing in the case of an internet outage?
A: Reliable and consistent Internet connectivity is a requirement. However the Credit Platform has a couple built-in safe guards in the case of occasional internet outage.
#1. You only have to be online when you go to check out the software. In the case of intermittent outages, the testers will not stop running during a checkout period.
#2. If you have an extended internet outage, the credit platform has 20 built in back-up credits that become available when the testers are unable to connect to the internet. Once you are able to retrieve your internet connection the system will automatically deduct the back-up credits that you used during the outage from your regular credit pool and replenish the 20 back-ups.