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Servo Motor Run Test System


TI-3000JX servo motor run test system


The TI-3000JX is a servo motor run test product which is used to run a permanent magnet brushless AC or DC servo motor. A servo motor run test system acts as a universal servo motor drive providing a diagnostic test before or after a servo motor repair. Manufacturer specific servo motor drives have many complicated features and can be optimized for many customer applications but can be difficult and time consuming to configure. It is also not always practical to have a spare servo motor drive for every servo motor that you wish to run. The TI-3000JX acts as a generic servo motor drive enabling the configuration of an unloaded servo motor run test in a matter of seconds in a standardized way regardless of the servo motor manufacturer. Observing a servo motor run test provides valuable diagnostic and troubleshooting information about the health of a servo motor, proper function of the servo motor feedback device, and the quality of the servo motor repair process. The TI-3000JX serves as a servo motor test product in that it can be used to run hundreds of different servo motor types, with various feedback types, such as incremental encoders, absolute encoders, serial encoders, and resolvers. Servo motor run test setup is further accelerated by automatically reading and utilizing important parameters stored in encoder memory, such as servo motor commutation offset, or encoder alignment angle. Regardless of the servo motor manufacturer, encoder manufacturer, or resolver manufacturer, supported servo motors can be quickly run using a similar, consistent, and standard procedure, allowing you to check if your servo motor is good, bad, or not working reliably.