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Brushless Servo Motors

Permanent magnet servo motors are used in a wide and expanding number of applications. These motors fall into two main types: brushed and brushless. Regardless of which you’re using, these motors are critical to your operation. So, what’s the difference and what are the advantages of one type of servo motor over the other?

While brushless servo motors must be properly aligned with the encoder to function correctly, they nonetheless offer more than a few advantages over their predecessor technology, brushed motors. Perhaps the most significant benefit being power.

“With a superior torque-to-weight ratio brushless servo motors deliver considerable muscle in a compact package,” explained Mitchell Electronics, Inc., Vice President, Stuart Mitchell. “These motors are more energy efficient than earlier motors and are often coupled with high resolution encoders enabling them to accomplish high precision movements.”

Here are some additional benefits that brushless servo motors offer:

Efficiency: Noise and heat represent lost energy. A brushless servo motor produces less sound and heat, resulting in greater efficiency.

Reliability: Because brushes are in constant contact with the commutator they wear out and must be replaced. This can also contaminate internal components. Brushless motors use electronic commutation and do not have this problem.

Regardless of type, servo motors are vital to your operation and it’s important to address performance issues to ensure that these motors operate at full capacity, such as ensuring proper health and alignment of the encoder device. Mitchell Electronics, Inc. has the expertise and resources to help you to maximize your servo motor investment.

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