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What is a Servo Motor Used For? 10 Nontraditional Applications of Servo Motors

What is a Servo Motor Used For? 10 Nontraditional Applications of Servo Motors

From CNC machines to robotics, servo motors are helping to drive the manufacturing industry. But their applications extend far beyond traditional manufacturing and motion control. Known for their precision and ability to maintain position, these devices can be found in a wide range of industries. And they are even showing up in some unexpected places.

Here are some servo motor applications outside of manufacturing:


Surgeons performing delicate procedures often require a steady hand and high precision. Miniature servo motors are employed in robotic surgical systems to assist surgeons in achieving stable and precise movements. These motors help reduce hand tremors, enabling surgeons to perform surgeries with unprecedented accuracy.


The film industry has witnessed a revolution with the adoption of servo motors in camera stabilization systems. Gimbal rigs use servo motors to counteract unwanted camera movements, providing smooth and steady footage even over rough terrain and challenging conditions.


In agriculture, servo motors are used to automate the control of various equipment, such as the precise positioning of plows, seeders, and pesticide applicators. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor. This contributes to sustainable and technologically advanced farming practices.

Servo motors can be used in agriculture.


The development of exoskeletons for medical and industrial purposes relies on servo motors to provide the wearer with enhanced mobility and strength. These devices can assist with mobility impairments or help workers lift heavy objects with minimal effort, reducing the risk of injury.


Artists and sculptors have embraced servo motors to create dynamic and interactive works of art. These motors are used to move various components, adding motion and interactivity to sculptures, installations, and even kinetic art.


To maximize energy production, solar panels and wind turbines must be aligned with the sun or wind direction. Servo motors play a crucial role in tracking systems that adjust the orientation of these renewable energy sources.


From animatronic creatures in theme parks to elaborate stage productions, servo motors bring characters and scenery to life. Their use in animatronics creates lifelike movements and expressions, enhancing the immersive experience in entertainment.


Servo motors are used in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for underwater and space exploration. They enable precise control of cameras, sensors, and manipulators in challenging and often harsh environments.

Food Preparation

In commercial kitchens and food processing facilities, servo motors are used in cutting, slicing, and dicing machines. They enable precise and consistent cutting of ingredients, ensuring uniform food products and reducing waste.


When gazing into space even the slightest variation can have a consequence of millions of miles. Astronomers rely on servo motors to adjust the positioning of telescopes and observatory equipment. These motors enable precise tracking of celestial objects and the capture of high-quality images for scientific research.

Servo motors can be used in telescopes.

What is a Servo Motor Used For?

Short answer… almost everything!

These are just a few examples of the versatility of servo motors. The precision, reliability, and adaptability of these motors continue to drive innovation and create opportunities for automation. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect servo motors to find even more unexpected applications, further expanding the boundaries of what is possible in various industries and domains.

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